118x118inch Sunshade Net Permeability 40% UV Resistant Fabric Shade Cloth Flexible + Button


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Product Name Sunshade Net
Size 3 x 3m/ 118 x 118inch
Weight Approx. 520g
Permeability 40%
Color Black
– The mesh is smooth, with a bright finish.
– Soft and moderate, flexible, not rough, there is a flat layer of thick texture.
– Edge reinforcement, not easy to loose side, strong solid, durable.
– Anti-aging, rally strong, accurate area, no holes in the network.
– To prevent strong sunlight direct exposure to plants, so that the sun weakened to the normal plant photosynthetic light intensity.
– Applicable to roofing, balconies, windows, carport and other shade cooling, greenhouse vegetables, flowers, fruit seedlings,
  edible fungus cultivation and a variety of farms warm and warm.
– Shade net shading, cooling, anti-rain, wind and reduce the spread of pests and other functions, winter and spring cover there is a certain role in thermal insulation.

Package Included:
1 x Sunshade Net



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