Freedom foot 180×150 suede picnic mat mat to cloth Waterproof cushion Moisture Proof mat


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brand: FreeFoot
Name: picnic mat
Size: 180 * 150 cm
After folding size: long 38 * * 9 cm wide and high
MAO weight: 500 g
Packing: PVC bags paperback
Design: small grid pattern
Material: the gree + sponge + waterproof membrane layer 3 compound
Suitable for: park, the sea beach, on a picnic, city square green space, etc.
Features: moistureproof, soft, body small and portable, can be carried a folded into shape, and easy to carry. Camping can use as moistureproof mat, the shop is on the lawn or beach, waterproof, prevent wet, sand, and can keep the food and clothing the clean health, also can prevent insects such as ant harmful bacteria to invade, durable, tourism and leisure activities is to go out of the good partner, out of the meal is a necessary for leisure dew thing!
Packages includes:
1x waterproof cushion

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