Survival Mini Compass Scale Type With Water Hang Rope Random Color


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Survival Mini Compass Scale Type With Water Hang Rope Random Color

Color: random
Outdoor project: bicycle cross-country camping hiking mountain climbing ice climbing back creek ski trip to drift
Carry way: hang buckle type
Showing the way: pointer type

Compass directions:
A compass to be sure to level ground to take, and to stay away from the following list the various items, to avoid  disorder
Compass should be 10 meters away from the barbed wire, high tension line 55 m, cars, and the plane 20 meters, and it has a magnet such as magnetic containers and 10 meters.

Use the compass discovery now the location of the steps:
The actual terrain and map direction.
In the map and find two can see that target objects.
Will the compass on line (or long side) toward one of the targets
Find circle, with arrows and pointer (north) are identical with each other.
Don't change the direction of the circle put it in the north of the map location.
The compass to the long side of the map with cutting-edge target objects.
When the arrow number and magnetic circle uptown delay line draw a straight line.
In another goal in accordance with the same method. Two lines in the crisscross that is now in the position.

Compass discovery with the direction :
Make links and destination of straight position now with the compass on line (long side).
The arrow number and circle magnetic uptown parallel (arrow in the top of the map, part).
Will the compass take off from the map, and took the body in front.
Turn the body until arrow and pointer overlap.
More on the direction of the overlap line that is the goal of the map direction.

Package included:

1 x mini survival compass

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