Xinda 20KN Mountain Rock Climbing Mobile Pulley Single Side For 13mm Rope Gear Tool


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Type: Single-sided pulley

Material: Aluminum-magnesium alloy forging
Color: Red
Size: 5.7cm/2.24inch(Length), 8.1cm/3.18inch (Height)
Tensile Force: Static tension 20KN (About 2000 kg), Rolling tension 10KN (About 1000 kg)
Applicable Cable: Maximum rope diameter 13MM
Scope: Mountaineering, Rock climbing, Caving, Rescue, Downhill.

With side plates, an indispensable device for process capture in hauling/drag system.
Mounted with ball bearing to provide mechanical advatage of smooth and fast rotation.
Swing plates for easy and rapid rope installation and remove, the closing style makes the pulley compatible with most kinds of carabiner.

Package Included:
1 x Climbing Pulley


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